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Welding is traditionally divided into Welding processes and Welding metallurgy and in several academic institutions one of these branches dominates the research. For a producer of welded products, it is the combination of these two areas which is important. Consequently, the research within the welding arena covers both welding processes and welding metallurgy. The purpose is to do research on issues of interest to large parts of the welding industry. Therefore, we work on the welding process, which are those most common in industry, like gas metal arc welding, plasma welding, laser welding and friction stir welding. Within welding metallurgy there is an extensive activity, involving both high strength steel, duplex and super duplex steel stainless steels, aluminium and nickel-based super alloys. The studies include both weldability, corrosion and mechanical properties, especially fatigue properties. Another area of importance for welding is heat treatment. Heat treatment is often a part of a complete welding procedure and there are also many similarities between welding and heat treatment when it comes to effects on the material microstructure and properties.

Senior Researchers

Karlsson Leif Professor
Svensson Lars-Erik Professor

Andersson Joel Associate Professor
Choquet Isabelle Associate Professor 

De Backer Jeroen Dr
Harati Ebrahim Dr
Hosseini Vahid Dr
Valiente Asun

Doctoral Students

Aryal Pradip
Magalhães Ana
Noori Rahim Abadi Seyyed Mohammad Ali
Johansson Mikael employed at Sandvik Materials Technology
Raza Tahira
Sreekanth Suhas
Svenungsson Josefine

Research Engineers

Andersson Kenneth
Hurtig Kjell
Högström Mats
Särnerblom Björn

Associated researchers

Ojo Olanrewaju Akanbi Visiting Professor
Scotti Americo Visting Professor
Backström Håkan Guest researcher
Larsson Johnny Guest researcher



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