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The project builds on the previous "CityAirSim" initiative, which combined the analysis and simulation of air quality in urban areas with the development of a visualization tool to explore and understand generated data. "Green, Dense City" aims to translate this research into practical urban planning. It focuses on integrating greenery and building structure to improve urban environments, supported by visualization tools to facilitate understanding and collaboration among various stakeholders. The project contributes to multiple sustainability goals and aims to ensure that these scientific findings guide decision-makers in urban development.

Research Area

  • Samhällsvetenskap
  • Annan samhällsvetenskap

Research environment / Institution

  • Övrig forskning
  • Institutionen för ekonomi och IT

Project leader

Research Partner

  • IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB
  • Göteborgs universitet
  • Botaniska trädgården

Research funding


Project time

2024 - 2026