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TheAdOpt project proposesto exploitthe recent progresses of the deformablemirror(DM)technology enabling to adapt in real time (on a millisecond time-scale) the shape and/or the beam energy distribution of a high-power LB to achieve the ambitious goal of increasing the robustness of LBW and LBAM processes. Such an approach is highly innovative and never attempted before. Ifsuccessfully demonstrated, application ofDMtechnology to high-power LBwill boostthe research, education and industrial environment of the Production Technology West (PTW) at University West, as well as the entire KK environment Primus. DM systems offer a unique and novel actuation of the spatial power density distribution and opensfor completely new ways of controlling the LB processin real-time. TheDM can be seen as a completely new type of actuator, and the system properties need careful investigations. So far,the research activities carried out at PTW have mainly concerned the development of in-process monitoring for quality control with the aim to enable feedback control of LBmanufacturing processes. This project offersthe possibilitiesto further advance towardsthe aim of “full automation”. The scientific achievements of the project will significantly enhance the international reputation of the PTW research group active in the field of physical modelling, in-process monitoring and automation of LBWand LBAMprocesses, leading to numerous publications on highly ranked scientific journals. This willattractnewyoung talentedresearchersandtriggernewcollaborationswithnationalandinternationalacademic partners. In addition, based on the AdOpt projectresultsit will be possible to make a long-term planning forfuture proposalsfor continued basic research and higher verification level projects.

Research Area


Research environment / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Primus (KK-miljö) Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Project leader

Fredrik Sikström

Participants University West

Anna-Karin Christiansson Antonio Ancona Isabelle Choquet Yongcui Mi

Research funding


Project time

2018 - 2021

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