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Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) with filler or metal powder is utilized for 3D-printing with homogenous properties, and is implemented at GKN´s production. The project idea is to further develop this process to enable manufacturing of products with even lower weight to lower costs. This is believed to be possible by including multiple alloyed filler wires during the additive manufacturing (AM) process. This will result in a process which can control and vary properties in the products threedimensional space. This is interesting since other AM processes can´t be applied for this advanced material design. The LMD method with multiple filler wires enables a unique material design of products which makes it possible to produce products with lower volume, and a weight reduction up to 30 %. The design will also allow lower material costs, improved productivity and flexibility. From the operator´s health perspective the process is also less harmful than other additive manufacturing processes, and it is more environmental friendly compared to other AM processes. This feasibility study will evaluate the potential of this LMD method using alloys for high temperature applications. The evaluation will be executed via thermodynamic simulations, mechanical testing and microstructure analysis. The results will be used as the groundwork for a future research and innovation project.  

Research Area

  • Produktionsteknik

Research environment / Institution

  • Produktionsteknik
  • Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Participants University West

Research funding

  • Vinnova

Project time

2018 - 2019