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Swedish engineers need to improve their skills and knowledge in the emerging field of additive manufacturing as this is expected to change the business models, product development and production processes of firms. The project develops a modularized program consisting of six digital courses (2.5 hp) on the master’s level for professional engineers. The technology oriented courses concern industrial production systems, and additive manufacturing of plastics and metals. The business oriented courses concern business models and innovation eco-systems, iterative methods for product and business development, and open innovation. The courses are online based but can be complemented by lab work. The program is developed in collaboration between Halmstad University, West University and SVEAT. The program complements the current additive manufacturing course offerings in Sweden.

Research Area


Research environment / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Participants University West

Kristina Eriksson Monika Hattinger Johnny Larsson

Research Partner

Högskolan i Halmstad

Research funding


Project time

2018 - 2020

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