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The key parts of this application are ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) an approach to link materials models at multiple length scales; CALPHAD (Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry) is an international modus operandi to collect and describe the thermodynamics of a system and superalloys which are high-performance alloys designed for service at high temperature with maintained properties such as strength, creep & corrosion resistance. The technical challenges faced in this application are homogenization, gamma prime coarsening & interdiffusion in coatings; all which will be correlated and modelled to relevant material properties. Homogenization is an important aspect during casting and welding of superalloys and properties during processing and in service are critically depending on adequate measures to mitigate the consequences. Gamma prime coarsening is likewise a measure of the property development during service and to maintain good mechanical properties is by understanding this process. Coatings help to increase the service temperature and corrosion resistance of a superalloy and the interdiffusion between substrate, coating and environment is the critical parameter for the service life. Material properties such as mechanical & corrosion will be modelled, correlated with metallography and implemented in the technical aspects treated. The ICME and process-structures-properties-performance work will be disseminated as two demonstrators, based on the technical work, and will be presented.

Research Area


Research environment / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Project leader

Joel Andersson

Participants University West

Vahid Hosseini Kjell Hurtig

Research funding


Project time

2018 - 2021

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