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This takes part in a small community in Sweden along with University West and it's studying children's transitions between different school types. This school differs some from others in sense that different school types are placed in the same building. One of the aims is to promote cooperation between different school forms.

In the first phase, children's transition from preschool to preschool classes and to school was studied. The project has the character of deepening knowledge together. The researches and the professionals have reflected upon children's transitions between preschool and preschool classes based on current research and the teachers own experiences. The areas treated are routines for transitions, educational and social continuity, and opportunities for children to influence the transition between preschool and school.

Through a case study where one school is participating with children from 3 years to 7 years we have collected our data. The investigation was formed as a research circle were some themes were discussed. The discussions were recorded and transcribed by the researchers.

Benefits identified in the analysis is, that most of the participating children know both the school environment and most of the teachers. This does not apply to all children, when some children are coming from other preschools when they start preschool class at age six years. It also emerges that the structure during handovers from preschool to preschool classes vary even if the municipality has some guidelines for how the information to be submitted. The professionals have different systems for educational documentation in the various school forms and documentation as a source of knowledge is not taken advantage of the various types of school. The information requested is not primarily the learning processes in children having participated in, but more important is how the children handle social relations. At handovers wish educators thus in the first hand information on children with special needs. Although teachers work in the same school, one of the conclusions in this study shows that there are some discontinuity concerning documentation tools, children's learning, and the organization of groups and children's social relationships. And that the children's perspective of passing through a lot of groupings before they start school is not considered when the teachers are planning the classes.

Participating researchers at University West

Ingrid Granbom
Marita Lundström


Stenungsunds kommun




Ingrid Granbom

Ingrid Granbom Senior lecturer

Marita Lundström

Marita Lundström Senior lecturer Lektor i utbildningsvetenskap