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Photo from the waterfalls in Trollhattan.

DESRIST 2024 will be located at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden. ‘Trollhättan’ is translated as ‘troll’s bonnet’ and the idea behind the name goes back to an anecdote regarding the city: the water that splashes from a large rock at the bottom of the waterfall (before the hydro dam in Trollhättan was built) was imagined looking like a troll’s hat.

The location is a good choice for arranging international conferences because it has good connection points for transportation to and from the venue/airport (by airport shuffle, train, car), multiple hotels for accommodation, see worthy places (e.g., The dam, Innovatum, GKN) and it is located close to Gothenburg (35 minutes by train).

University West in Trollhättan, Sweden, is a university which offers education collaborating with work-life in an attractive and modern study environment. The university focuses today on higher education across 25 different undergraduate programs, 20 programs at advanced level, and unique postgraduate education in Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The university also focuses interdisciplinary research within WIL and thematic areas of research including research within Information Systems (IS) (also known as Informatics), which emphasizes a wide variety of research areas such as: design science, digitalization of society, health informatics, Virtual Reality and education/training, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and the implications of digital technologies for meaningful practices. Moreover, there is a strong connection between the research conducted at University West and the undergraduate education because senior scholars include and engage students into their research projects. Additionally, the university has a strong sensibility and focused philosophy for sustainable development, equality, and human justice, which also includes an inclusive organizational culture together with core values that is pro-active to invest in increasing scientific knowledge and ground-breaking international research. 

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