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Steel structures

Prepare to make an impact

Are you passionate about making an ecological, economic and social impact in your career? The master’s programme is designed to educate welding professionals with the knowledge and attitudes required to promote companies’ technological transitions to a sustainable industrial and social environment.

About the programme

Upon completion of this programme, you will be prepared to join a team as an innovative engineer, where you will shape new welding technologies and processes. In addition, as the programme integrates knowledge from different areas of welding production in combination with the International Welding Engineering (IWE) syllabus, you are also eligible for presenting at the examinations of the IWE diploma with the Swedish Welding Commission at an extra cost to register for the IWE examinations.
University West, with its long-standing background in welding, is a collaborative platform with a unique ecosystem of equipment relevant to welding technologies. We built this programme for mechanical, manufacturing, materials and marine engineers to become production technology engineers with advanced skills in welding technology. Your curriculum is designed to meet the demands of industry.
An added advantage of studying at University West is that you will also have easy access to the rich research environment in the PTW.
You’ll gain practical experience through assignments as well as group and individual projects in close collaboration with corporate leaders in the industry. The entire programme has been built on the strength of a close collaboration between industry and University West. Every aspect is based on the real hiring needs of companies and research facilities in the industry.

Work Integrated Learning

University West is Sweden’s leading university in work-integrated learning (WIL). We were tasked with the development of WIL by the Swedish government 15+ years ago and continue to lead the field today. This approach focuses on problem-based learning for industry and gives you access to real projects from partner companies and research centres.
Your courses and teachers are connected to the active research of Production Technology West (PTW), internationally recognised for work in production systems and processes in the manufacturing industry.
We built your specialisation in welding in close collaboration with corporate partners, who will provide you with insight and project work throughout your studies. Your training concludes with a thesis project you design and complete in collaboration with a company or within the PTW research group.

International environment

Students from around the globe come together to create a unique and international environment. Your programme is fully taught in English, and you will study together with students from Sweden as well as international students from countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North and South America.
Most of your instructors also have international experience in both research and education. This will enhance your cultural experience and English-language proficiency.

Advanced laboratories and access to experts

As a production technology engineer with a specialisation in welding, you will have access to our Production Technology Centre (PTC) during your studies. PTC is one of the largest and most updated manufacturing laboratories in Sweden.
The PTC has been supporting the work of experts in production technology for over 15 years. This collaborative platform offers a unique collection of research technologies related to welding:
  • Modern manufacturing processes
  • Robotics and automation
  • Electric vehicles
Examples of ongoing research projects at PTW
  • Lightweight construction of electric vehicles with friction welding (EVASTIR)
  • Improved durability and reliability of lithium-ion battery welds (EMPIRE)
  • Directed energy deposition for industrial competitiveness in additive manufacturing technologies (DEDICATE)
  • Weld feasibility heat treatment studies of new superalloys (FEAST)
Advanced equipment
  • Fusion welding processes, laser welding, friction stir welding (FSW), etc.
  • Gleeble welding simulator and Varestraint testing
  • Advanced materials testing and characterisation laboratory equipment

Academic and corporate connections

The PTC is home to University West’s research area Production Technology West (PTW). Here you will have the opportunity to do research together with experienced researchers, engineers and technicians in the field of production engineering. There are many companies linked to our research environment. As a student, you will have the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge research and come into contact with future employers.

A strong job market

Welding technologies are utilised across a wide range of industries. There is a growing market for welding professionals due to the evolution of advanced technologies, such as increasing automation and adoption of robotic welding, and embedded technologies like sensors and the Internet of Things.
The global market for welding and cutting equipment is expecting annual growth of 4.7% from 2020 to 2028. Additionally, the American Welding Society predicts an anticipated need for 314,000 new welding professionals by 2024. As a result, welding professionals can anticipate having their choice of jobs across many industries and in many countries upon completion of their master’s degree.
The job market for production technology engineers is extremely good. There are both Swedish and global initiatives to support the development of welding technologies, since they are strategically important to developing a socially and ecologically sustainable future. As a specialist in this rapidly expanding field, you will have many options: advanced research in academia or a career in industry, both in Sweden and abroad.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen i maskinteknik, tillverkningsteknik, materialteknik, marinteknik, svetsteknik eller motsvarande. I utbildningen på grundnivå skall minst 15 hp matematik ingå samt 7,5 hp materialteknik. Engelska 6.






Teknologie masterexamen med inriktning mot Svetsteknologi


HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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