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"IErik Åstrand, Volvo CE am working with manufacturing development at the Volvo CE plant in Braås looking at strategy and future investments. Try to keep up-to-date related to best practice within different fabrication areas and see how it can be applied to our factory and our conditions. Related to this I also lead the local Smart Factory Team, where we see how we in the best way can start a digital transformation and adopt to the future with Volvo CE:s program “Factory 4 Tomorrow.

I also work more globally within Volvo CE in the Factory 4 Tomorrow Core Team and as Global Welding Specialist. In the specialist role I work a lot with standards and best practice, participate and potentially also initiate research initiatives together with universities and research institutes. I also lead a network for sharing knowledge related to welding and fabrication at our different plants all around the globe."

Erik Åstrand, Doctor in Production Technology

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