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Per Assmo

Per Assmo


IPPE programme Manager I312


Anställd på Avdelningen för samhällsbyggnad och samhällsutveckling. Forskar inom samhällsvetenskap, arbetsintegrerat lärande, social och ekonomisk geografi.


During the 90’s, I worked as an SIDA expert in East Africa, and did field research. After returning to Sweden, I received my PhD in Human and Economic Geography at Göteborg University in 1999 with a thesis entitled; Livelihood Strategies and Land Degradation - Perceptions among Small-Scale Farmers in Ng'iresi Village, Tanzania. While establishing one foot in Swedish academia, I also continued and expanded my research interests and networks on the African continent, especially South Africa. Already in year 2000, I initiated a long-standing education and research collaboration with the Geography Department at Rhodes University. In 2015 I initiated what has become a close educational and research collaboration with the Department for Political Studies at University of Western Cape (UWC), and I am since 2017 appointed as Extraordinary Professor at UWC. In short, I have more than 30 years’ experience of collaboration in development work, research, and university teaching in Africa.


In Sweden, I was appointed a position as senior lecturer at Göteborg University in 1999, primarily teaching development geography and development studies. In 2005, I was offered a position at University West, initially taking on responsibility for the field of Economic Geography, but soon started to develop and implement an international multidisciplinary undergraduate programme – The International Programme for Politics & Economics – launched at University West in 2006. Exploring a research interest in rural development I took on a position as part-time researcher and project coordinator at the Department for Management and Engineering at Linköping University during the period 2007-2015. However, I have always kept my base and main educational and research activities at University West. In 2018 I was appointed professor in Human and Economic Geography at University West. In recent years I have come to be more closely involved in research and education related to the field of Work Integrated Learning (WIL).


I have a profound engagement and research interest focusing on the African continent, as well as in Sweden. My research interests have over the years come to include areas such as: Rural/Social/Environmental Sustainable Development, Creative Industries, Migration/Integration/Segregation, Internationalisation and Co-Creation of Knowledge in Higher Education, and Work Integrated Learning. In many of these research areas I have explored the concept of time-spatial approaches, largely developing the concept of Time-Geography initially founded by Torsten Hägerstrand.


I have more than 30 years of national and international teaching experience at undergraduate as well as post-graduate level, giving lectures and courses in; Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Norway, Denmark, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Fields of teaching includes primarily the subjects of Human & Economic Geography, Political Studies, and Social Science with topics such as; Regional Geography (Africa), Demography & Migration, Global Production & Trade, International Political Economy, Rural Development, Local Economic Development (LED), Tourism Geography, Development in Theory & Practice, Political Ecology, Theory & Methodology, Time Geography, European Politics, and Work Integrated Learning (WIL).


I have over the years also gained extensive national and international experience as Supervisor at Honours/Master/PhD level, including institutions such as: University West, Linköping University, Göteborg University, Rhodes University, and University of the Western Cape. I have also been examiner committee member for PhD Degrees at various universities.


I currently hold positions including:


  • Full Professor at University West
  • Programme Director for the Master Programme in Work Integrated Political Studies, University West
  • Extraordinary Professor, Department of Political Studies, UWC
  • Visiting Professor, Geography Department, Rhodes University
  • University West coordinator for SANORD (Southern Africa Nordic Centre)
  • Member of the steering committee for SASUF (South Africa Sweden Research Forum)
  • External Expert/Evaluator - Swedish Council for Higher Education


  • University West Research Project Leader for: Sustainability, Innovation and Resilience in Rural areas (SIRR), funded by EU Interreg North Sea program
  • University West Project Leader & Coordinator for: South Africa Sweden Research Forum (SASUF) funded by STINT and NRF
  • Project Leader for: International Development of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) as an Education and Applied Research Subject at Advanced Level, funded by University West strategic funds for internationalization of higher education
  • Project Leader for: International Development of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) - A Collaboration between University West & University of the Western Cape, funded by STINT
  • Project Leader for: Linnaeus-Palme Partnership between University West and South Africa, funded the Swedish Council for Higher Education

Key Words

Time-geography, Rural Development, Sustainable Development, Internationalisation, Development Theory & Practice, Integration, Migration, Political-Economy, Work Integrated Learning.


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Forthcoming in 2023-24


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