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Leading for the future

We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. Digitalisation challenges traditional organisational structures and practices. This leads to an increased and continuous need for knowledge development and new ways of thinking and working. How companies organise and lead their operations is changing constantly. As a result, the ability to integrate digital technology and continuous knowledge development is at the centre of success. As a student in this programme, you will build the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to be a responsible and adaptive leader in changing and sustainable digitalised organisations. You may even go on to influence new approaches to management and governance of organisations of the future. The programme is multidisciplinary and includes study in informatics, business administration, pedagogy and more. Work integrated learning forms the foundation of your studies, with special focus on leadership and digitalised organisations. Digitalisation changes how we communicate, share and search for information and organise, produce, coordinate and lead operations. It demands leadership that is more collaborative, intersectional and norm-critical.

International focus

Digital transformation impacts the manufacturing process itself, but also the overall management, organisation and governance of businesses and organisations. Thus, industries and organisations are in great need of leaders to help them prepare for future changes initiated by the digital transformation of Industry 4.0. This programme gives you the tools to develop a business or industry characterised by digitalisation. On graduation, you’ll be able to work within and between different organisational structures to lead, drive change, uncover problems, problematise solutions and find practical solutions.
You’ll learn:
  • How the new technologies of Industry 4.0 are affecting industry and leadership; technologies include blockchain, business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), Internet of Things technology (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and three-dimensional printing and scanning (3D)
  • How to prepare for future changes initiated by Industry 4.0 and a continuously evolving digital transformation
  • How to implement broad leadership, providing individuals, employees and other leaders with opportunities to influence this development
  • How to facilitate knowledge-sharing throughout all levels of an organisation
  • How to collect and analyse data
  • How ongoing organisational learning processes and consequences affect working life and business outcomes
  • How to work with complex societal challenges

Work Integrated Learning

By connecting the themes of leadership and digitalised organisations with WIL, you’ll learn to lead, develop and organise digital change within organisations. In this multidisciplinary environment, you’ll build knowledge across a broad range of topics. As an added advantage of studying at University West, you’ll also have access to the rich research environment at University West. You’ll gain practical experience through assignments as well as group and individual projects in close collaboration with corporate and public leaders. The entire programme has been built on the strength of a close collaboration between industry and University West. The total programme consists of 120 credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).
Work integrated learning consists of several integrated components, including:
  • Guest lectures
  • Field-based studies
  • Problem-based learning
  • Project-based learning
Work integrated learning runs through the entire programme. You will simultaneously study and engage in activities (such as data collection, optional internship, etc.) while facing so-called complex problems that require more than one theoretical perspective to solve. Reflection and collaborative learning with a constant interplay between theoretical models/perspectives and practical applications structure your course.

Further education

This programme helps you build a strong foundation in the field and develop the qualifications you need to pursue your PhD in the broader fields of WIL, business administration and informatics. After graduation, you will be eligible to continue studying as a PhD student at University West or other universities in Sweden and abroad.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen om 180 hp eller motsvarande. Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






Filosofie masterexamen med huvudområde arbetsintegrerat lärande med inriktning mot ledarskap och digitalisering


HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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