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About the program

The Master in Finance fast-tracks you to a successful career as a financial analyst in Sweden or abroad. This one-year programme offers the quantitative and theoretical tools required for a successful career as a financial analyst. You’ll learn from highly qualified researchers, lecturers, professors and representatives from business – from both Sweden and abroad. Your degree gives you expertise in the main areas of applied finance (corporate finance, pricing, risk management and financial institutions) and a solid foundation in economics, business and industry – making you highly employable in the international job market. The structure and content of the courses are based on the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) which is used by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFAI) in the accreditation process for financial analysts. This means that the programme forms a good preparation for CFA exams and international accreditation. The program consists of advanced courses (45 credits) and a master’s thesis project (15 credits). The programme has a strong analytical focus and emphasizes the knowledge and skills needed in today’s global financial environment.

International focus

University West offers an intimate campus environment without the usual barriers between academic staff and students. Here, your professors are easily accessible to answer questions, hold discussions and provide individual feedback. The teacher-to-student ratio is higher than at most comparable programmes at other universities, and your proactive participation is a part of the programme. Additionally, all of your courses have an international focus. This is enriched by students and staff coming from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. Completely taught in English, your programme gives you an enriching linguistic and cultural experience and prepares you for a challenging and stimulating career in an increasingly globalised world.

Work Integrated Learning

University West is Sweden’s leading university when it comes to Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The university was tasked with the development of WIL by the Swedish government 15+ years ago and continues to lead the field today. WIL provides you with opportunities to put knowledge and skills into practice through projects, case studies and analyses conducted in collaboration with companies and organisations. Interaction with experts from business are a built-in part of your programme. Additionally, staff from Sweden and abroad are actively involved in research. This gives the programme a solid academic foundation that maintains clear connections between business, financial markets, institutions and the public sector. One specific example of WIL is our annual participation in the global contest "CFA Institute Research Challenge


The programme provides a scientific foundation that you can directly apply in professional roles such as insurance broker, realtor and financial advisor. After completing the Master in Finance (MSc) you’ll be qualified to work in a variety of sectors and branches:
Private sector
  • Industrial and financial firms
  • Banks
  • Wealth and asset managing companies such as mutual/pension/hedge funds
  • National and international companies
Government agencies
  • Ministry of Finance
  • The Central Bank
  • Tax Authority
  • Social Insurance Agency
  • Central Bureau of Statistics
International bodies
  • EU
  • UN
  • IMF
  • OECD
  • World Bank
Local government, trade and workers' organisations and the media. Running your own analytical firm or being an economic journalist.

Further education

Having completed the Master in Finance at University West, students are qualified for admission to doctoral studies in Sweden or PhD programmes abroad.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen om 180 hp med 90 hp i huvudområdet nationalekonomi med minst 7,5 hp i finans på nivå 31-60 samt 7,5 hp i ekonometri eller statistik, eller motsvarande.
Alternativt en kandidatexamen om 180 hp med 90 hp i huvudområdet företagsekonomi, minst 7,5 hp i mikroekonomi och 7,5 hp i makroekonomi och minst 7,5 hp i finans på nivå 31-60 samt 7,5 hp i ekonometri eller statistik, eller motsvarande.
Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






Filosofie magisterexamen med inriktning mot finans


HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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