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The goal is to develop knowledge about methods, models and support techniques to organize and lead an increasingly digitized production industry, where complex information, collaboration and learning between operational employees and their management are in focus. New management methods and measurements are  necessary  in  order  to  continuously  "measure  and  learn".  People's  role  and  digital  skills  in  the  future  production industry will be studied in particular. Research questions to explore are:

  • In  what  way  will  digitalization  in  general  and  IoT  in  particular  change  industrial  work  and  its conditions for lead and learn?
  • How  will  future  organization  and  management  of  digital  innovation  and  learning  in  the manufacturing industry be effectively supported?

A  mixed  method  approach  will  be  used.  Both  participatory  action  research  and  big  data  analytic  studies  becomes  important  as  the  development  of  new  measurement  methods,  management  and  learning  of production  processes  will  be  conducted.  Field  studies  with  planning  and  implementing  experiments,  evaluating these with different methods, writing reports, journal articles and presenting results at seminars, at  companies  and  at  conferences  are  included.  A  genuine  actor  and  user  involvement  from  industry  in  all  part  of  the  research  process  will  be  assured:  exploration,  design,  intervention  cycles,  evaluation  and diffusion. Collaboration with and invitation to skilled people from Industry 4.0 will be organized to teach in the field, at different levels of our education in work‐integrated learning. This collaboration can benefit both students  and  companies,  as  students  gain  increased  knowledge  of  the  area  and  companies  can  showcase  themselves as possible future employers.

Education at advanced level

There  is  a  need  to  develop,  organise  and  give  courses  for  the  new  master  programs  in  Informatics  and  Design  as  well  as  Business  administration  and  Leadership.  These  two  master  programs  are  part  of  the strategic  work  to  ensure  recruitment  of  Ph.D.  students  and  to  provide  the  industry  with  state  of  the  art  designers and managers in the field of digital transformation in industry. Important education tasks include:

  •  Participate in development of new courses at advanced level
  • Give courses at advanced level and supervise and manage student-­industry projects
  • Digitalization of course content and material on advanced level


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