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Finding and tracking a butt joint with zero gap as well as joints with varying gap demands extensive testing prior to production welding. The weld quality may be affected by the joint, demanding difficult-to-perform inspections to find for instance very narrow lack of fusion.

To achieve this an in-process solution will be developed in order to secure uniform weld joint geometry and weld properties despite the presence of joint gap variations and uncertainties in joint position. Costs for set-up of the laser cell, pre-and post-weld work will be reduced and the tolerance in joint preparation and fixturing will be increased.

The in-process system will be based on a non-intrusive vision sensors system together with special illumination integrated in the laser beam welding tool combined with appropriate in-process control of the filler-wire feed-rate, welding parameters and robot path corrections.

MRL 5 is the expected goal for the project.
The project partners include research organizations, laser welding companies representing large, small and medium sized enterprises, a branch organization and laser tool integrator.


Teknik Produktionsteknik Produktionssystem

Forskningsmiljö / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap


Fredrik Sikström

Medverkande Högskolan Väst

Fredrik Sikström Morgan Nilsen Xiaoxiao Zhang


Swerea KIMAB Brogren Industries GKN Aerospace Luleå Tekniska universitet NORTHCONE PERMANOVA Lasersystem Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Svetskommissionen Wugang Tailored Blanks




2016 - 2018

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