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This course gives an overview of arc welding processes and their industrial applications, particularly from a sustainability perspective coupled with quality and productivity. The course will focus on arc welding processes and cover the basic topics including, arc physics, droplet transfer, heat input, optimization of welding parameters, quality, and productivity. Modern controlled waveform welding will be illustrated and its impact on welding activity will be explained. In connection with this, modern welding equipment will be introduced.
The course is mainly delivered via distance learning in flexible, net-based form with one physical meeting. On-line lectures are combined with supervision and reporting meetings using web-based meeting systems. Some course meetings are compulsory.
This course is aimed at you who want to learn more about the sustainability aspects in welding or already have practical experience but want to increase your theoretical knowledge of modern welding processes.
Industry and academia This course has been developed in collaboration with industry within the framework of one of our educational projects. The project aims to provide advanced level courses to a mix of students and professionals in order to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industry.
We apply validation of work experience to see if you have skills that correspond to the eligibility requirements for the course. Don't forget to attach your curriculum vitae if you are applying based on work experience, the form is available on our website



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Godkända kurser om 90 hp inom ämnesområdet teknik varav minst 15 hp på nivå 61-90 hp eller motsvarande.






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VÅR 2024

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VÅR 2025




16 oktober 2023




Från v.05 2024 till v.10 2024


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