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Research within robotics & automation include design of highly flexible and reconfigurable robotic systems. Important challenges include optimization of operation, commissioning of production systems which include related processes such as programming, calibration, plc programs and mapping IO channels, etc. Collaboration between operator(s) and robot(s) is an important step to develop reconfigurable systems further as well as necessary for its implementation. Collaboration also addresses safety and human machine interfaces. In highly flexible systems, humans will be important within foreseeable future and mix the creativity and skill of humans with precision and strength of robots.

Control and Inspection add necessary quality and efficiency into the system. With flexible production, control of processes must be highly adaptable and ultimately self-regulation and skill based learning systems will be needed. IN production, non-destructive testing and ultimately in-process quality control tightly connected to control of the process and task execution by robot(s) is of great importance to reach higher levels of automation in production with rapid change-over between product variants or custom designed products.


The division of Production Systems is managing a master program "Robotics and Automation" comprising 120 credits. In addition, the division is to a large degree involved in short courses for industry on advanced level to raise the level of up to date competence. This is in line with current work on Industrial Work Integrated Learning (I-AIL), which is a strategic area of University West and also for Production Systems. I-AIL becomes a natural part in most research projects as well as education as the subjects within the division to a large degree are applied and needed by many industries, both large enterprises smaller enterprises.

Senior Researcher

Lennartson, Bengt, Professor
Christiansson Anna-Karin Associate Professor
Danielsson Fredrik  Professor
Ericsson Mikael Dr
Eriksson Kristina Dr 
Hattinger, Monika  Dr
K.ramanathan Prabhu Dr
Malmsköld Lennart
Nilsen Morgan Dr
Ramasamy Sudha Dr
Sikström Fredrik Associate Professor
Svensson Bo Dr
Khabbazi Mahmood Dr
Jadidi Aydin Dr

Doctoral Students

Bennulf Mattias 
Kisielewicz Agnieszka
Mi Yongcui
Nilsson Anders 
Massouh Bassam
Tobisková Nicole 
Gharaibeh Lina 
Rosenbäck Ritva 
Sebastian Gabriel 

Research Engineers

Appelgren Anders
Augustsson Svante
Dahlin Hans 
Ottosson Mattias
Zhang Xiaoxiao
Johansson Dahniel 
Stjern David 

Associated researchers

Ancona Antonio Visiting Professor
Sjödahl Mikael Visiting Professor


Mikael Ericsson

Mikael Ericsson Head of Division